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LSC concerned about COVID spike

By November 6, 2020No Comments
Outside a nursing home, a male visitor and a female resident wave as they socially distance

Lutheran Services Carolinas is publicly expressing its concern over COVID rate increases. COVID cases are spiking around the United States. Yesterday, the country reported more than 121,000 infections, surpassing a daily case record set just one day earlier. In the past week, the country has had seen more than 660,000 new COVID cases. Cases in North Carolina have topped 285,000, with 4,457 deaths. The percentage of positive results in North Carolina is currently averaging 7.4 percent.

Nationwide, hospitals are caring for more than 53,000 COVID patients. As the virus threatens to overwhelm hospital intensive care units, doctors are warning that death rates will rise. COVID deaths in the U.S. are at nearly 235,000, and the CDC has projected that the country could see another 31,000 deaths before the end of the month.

“When COVID is rampant in communities as it is now, it is almost impossible to keep outbreaks out of congregate care facilities like ours,” said LSC President Ted Goins.

“The heroes in LSC’s health care communities are working hard. They are weary fighting what feels like a never-ending battle against COVID. But that battle must continue. We appreciate the collaboration with our local health departments, the state of North Carolina and the CDC, and we are working with them to do all we can. Facilities have been testing as often as twice a week.”

“We all need to do what we can to protect the most vulnerable among us,” Goins said. “We can’t keep COVID out of our LSC communities if it’s uncontrolled in the larger community. The best way to help is to practice the three Ws: Wear a mask, Wash hands, and Wait six feet apart.”

Indoor visitation at LSC senior care communities is suspended during outbreaks, but communities are still facilitating outdoor visitation for residents and their loved ones.


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