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You Are The Key winners announced

By November 20, 2020No Comments

We are happy to announce our You Are The Key winners for The LSC Way!

The LSC Way is a culture of exceptional customer service and a team development program created by and for the employees of Lutheran Services Carolinas. Throughout the year, winners were chosen in five categories; Lead by Example, Serve Joyfully, Communicate Consistently, Welcome All, and Abundant Living.

These You Are The Key winners embody the mission and vison of LSC and all five of those categories.

LSC Administrative Office: Tonya Frye

Tonya came to a department and turned it around in short order by being unfailingly kind, pleasant, responsive, and genuine. While she clearly takes her job seriously, she finds time to laugh and have fun (and she has a great laugh). She has taken on a major responsibility with getting LSC a new payroll system, and she has done it calmly, professionally, and with good humor. She is known in the office for her generosity, frequently bringing in food, goodies, and even masks for co-workers. If every office had a Tonya the world would definitely be a better place.

Pharmacy: Christina Honeycutt

Christina Honeycutt, in the minds of her teammates, is the epitome of The LSC Way. She is an extremely hard worker who is always looking for ways to improve her knowledge and assist the rest of her teammates, in the pharmacy and at the facilities, in completing their duties. Pharmacist Manager David Beam said he has received numerous compliments from facility team members over the years about what a great help Christina is to them. She is always cheerful and willing to help in any way she can. Her teammates in the pharmacy say that she is “dependable to know the answer or find out. She is patient, takes time to show and explain why things are done.” Another comment on the ballots said “Christina is very polite. She is one that works behind the scenes and doesn’t get a lot of recognition. I’m sure it’s not easy being David’s right hand.”

Trinity Place: Aletta Whitley

Aletta Whitley, LPN skilled manager, has been a part of the Trinity Place team since January 2019. Aletta is a strong leader and displays exceptional customer service aligning with the mission, vision and values of LSC. With just under 2 years of tenure at Trinity Place, Aletta has made a great impact on the facility by enhancing the lives of her residents and jumping in when need to assist with staff.

Working as a dedicated Baylor LPN, Aletta manages the Skilled Nursing Unit in the facility. From Leading by Example, she is always being willing to lend a helping hand to her co-workers when needed, or communicating consistently with family members to keep them up-to-date on their loved ones condition or giving shift report to her fellow nurses. Aletta is a welcoming friend to new teammates to Trinity Place and goes above and beyond to make the weekends run smoothly for her residents. Her dedication to her position ensures that all of her residents continue to have an abundant life.

All of Aletta’s characteristics make her fully deserving to be recognized as the “key” to The LSC Way.

Trinity Oaks health and rehab: Anna Foster

Anna Foster is one of a kind. She always gives off that warm vibe of being pleasant and happy. Anna greets everyone with the most genuine smile. She makes everyone feel comfortable and welcomed almost immediately.

She was nominated for every category as if The LSC Way was modeled after someone spent a day working with her. On a daily basis she leads by example exuding teamwork and pitching in wherever she can in the memory care unit. It’s quite possible that when you look up “serve joyfully” that you see her picture. All of the residents she serves and their families always comment on how joyful she is. She always listens to make sure she gets all of the information to share with her teammates to ensure good communication. When she is finished with her normal duties, you can find her participating in activities or exercises with residents to ensure that they are living life abundantly.

She is the key!

Child and Family Services: Chris Cochran

Chris has such a warm and loving spirit. He is always helpful, but more than that, he feels like family because he cares.

He is the most compassionate, kind, caring, helpful person I know. He truly lives the mission and vision in both his personal and professional life.

Chris embodies all elements of The LSC Way! He definitely leads by example. He volunteers to serve in any capacity at all of the Columbia events, offers to pray and bless meals, helps carry boxes and heavy things for teammates, holds the door and greets visitors, and the list goes on and on.

Chris serves joyfully by graciously accepting the challenges of new and different assignments, relocating his office, and adjusting his schedule. Chris adapts and keeps going with a smile and a positive attitude. His communication with everyone is consistent and it is a blessing that he is part of the first impression new hires have of the organization! He goes the extra mile to ensure abundant living for all!

Chris is more than accommodating even when asked about training at night, on the weekends, or early in the morning, but the real tribute to Chris is that he not just putting on a show for work. He actually lives his personal life this way as well. Chris epitomizes The LSC Way in every way, every single day, and has done so consistently throughout his many years of service at LSC!

Trinity Village: Kimberly Atwood

Kimberly Atwood works in the Food and Nutrition Department at Trinity Village.

When she was nominated, her teammate said, “She is always so kind to everyone and always has a smile on her face. She goes above and beyond her job in the dining room. She always keeps a very clean and sanitized work area. Kim is always willing to help anyone.”

Trinity Living Center: Andrea Moore

Andrea is an amazing teammate. She always does an awesome job coming up with new ideas and is very creative. She also jumps in any time she is needed. Andrea always makes every day at TLC the “Best Day Ever.”

Andrea brings her joy to work and spreads it to everyone. She is so good at collaborating activities with the kitchen when doing cooking activities. She listens to all input to make us a collaborative team. She is so deserving of this award.

Andrea prides herself on her communication style. She is honest and direct, yet caring in her communication with participants, families, and other staff members. She is always engaging and straightforward with her tone and body language.

Andrea truly serves joyfully. She comes in each day with a smile and positive attitude that radiates to everyone she encounters each day. She makes a point of ensuring everyone has their “Best Day Ever” every day.

Andrea makes anyone who comes through our doors feel warm and accepted. She has filled TLC with volunteers because she makes them feel like they truly make a difference. She is always lifting others up to bring out their best.

She is a very kind-hearted person and very hardworking. She takes her job very seriously and is very alert. I have learned so much from working with her. She makes me feel very comfortable. She is patient and a very special person.

Trinity Ridge: “Martha” Katherine Brown

Martha Brown, otherwise known by Katherine or ‘Kat’ by her co-workers, has been employed at Trinity Ridge for two years and is being recognized not only for her dedication to the residents, but for being a team player and for assisting in any department when needed. When asked to describe Katherine, staff complimented her infectious smile, flexibility on the job, and her ability to always be on time and an amazing helper.

When the facility quarantined a neighborhood during an outbreak of COVID-19, Katherine was asked to work in that area. She accepted the challenge, along with the other staff, without hesitation and was an inspiration to others.

Katherine is married, has three children and eight grandchildren. She enjoys hiking, camping, and finding beautiful waterfalls. She is also active in her church and works with a ministry that helps the homeless and enjoys singing in the choir.

It’s not easy to find one employee who encompasses all The LSC Way characteristics, but Katherine comes close. She leads others to serve by the example she sets.

Trinity Elms assisted living: Nita Cheek

Nita Cheek is the Life Enrichment Coordinator at Trinity Elms assisted living and has been there for 15 years.  Nita is one of the leaders in the Dementia Support Group for families and also involved in training staff on dementia and how to care for a dementia resident.

Nita is a kind, funny, and loving soul who will go the extra mile to make someone feel loved and special. Her ability to engage a resident in an activity or just a one on one interaction, always leaves the resident feeling like they are important to her and puts a smile on their face and heart.

Nita is also a huge team player. From doing an activity, styling hair, serving a meal, or making a bed, Nita is always willing to jump in where needed. She truly believes in the motto of “it takes a village.” She is the lifeline of the facility and lives by its values daily.

Nita truly is the key to what makes Trinity Elms assisted living sparkle.

Trinity Elms: Danny Bullins

Danny is easily approachable and always stops what he is doing to help someone else. He is a great worker and professional. Danny will do extra things that are not in his job description. He responds to stress and has a positive attitude when things can be very challenging at times.

He serves consistently and cares for others. He communicates well with staff. He ensures abundant living for families and residents. Danny completes his work timely and due to COVID-19, is mostly working alone maintaining the building under the direction of his supervisors. Danny does not look for recognition because he feels it’s just the right thing to do.

Danny is easy going, funny and kind. He makes others feel welcome and will often do things outside of work to help them. His supervisor agrees he is deserving of this honor.

Trinity at Home Winner: Susan Cottraux

Susan Cottraux has been with Trinity at Home for a little over 3 years. Susan and her husband have been volunteering at Trinity Oaks for about 3 ½ years. They do devotions with residents, sing, and pray with them.

Susan always has a smile on her face and a song in her heart. She is very active on campus. She truly loves her clients and pets, so you can often find her walking her clients’ dogs. She knows all the residents by name and will always let someone know if there is a problem that needs attention. Susan is always willing to help out no matter what time of day or night, she always goes above and beyond and gives 150% of herself to the job.

Trinity Oaks: Windy Heilig

Trinity Oak retirement’s You Are the Key winner and Teammate of the Year is Windy Heilig.

As a 28 year employee, Windy exemplifies The LSC Way. She serves as concierge for the retirement building and wears many hats. Her responsibilities range from selling stamps, answering phones, greeting guests, answering questions of residents, doing bank deposits and distributing mail. She is beloved by all and sorely missed when her smiling face is not at the front desk.

Trinity View: Margaret McVay

Margaret McVay is currently the dining room supervisor at Trinity View. Throughout the pandemic, she transitioned in and out of various roles. She served as the resident hospitality coordinator— doing shopping, prescription pick up, and other assistance for residents—and as one of the quality of life advocates. In that role she created special activities for the residents such as opening a bar with music, co-hosting food and tasting events, creating special themed menus for outdoor events including the weekly farmers market, and assisting with spa days for residents.

She strives to keep staff morale up by surprising them with goodies, lunch, and gift cards. She also sends the staff daily devotionals to provide encouragement.

The Trinity View community is a better community because of Margaret. She serves joyfully, both with her residents and her teammates. She strives to promote abundant living. She is a natural leader and mentor to those who work with her. She welcomes new employees to Trinity View.

Trinity Glen: Latisha Brooks

Latisha Brooks works in housekeeping at Trinity Glen. Her teammates say she is very sweet, courteous, and kind.

She shows her zeal or quest for exemplifying what the mission of the home is about. She is joyful and she communicates well. She leads, serves and welcomes everyone she meets. Whatever it takes to fulfill the job is what she will do!

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