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Why you should get vaccinated – the facts

By July 8, 2021No Comments
Trinity Grove staff member giving a thumbs up as she gets her COVID-19 vaccination

LSC teammates just got off a Covid call with experts at the American Health Care Association.  All the vaccine news is great news!  Important points:

  1. Not one person in the USA has died from receiving the Covid vaccine. 
  2. 610,804 Americans have died from Covid not having taken the vaccine.
  3. The Covid Delta variant is now the most prevalent and is killing people.  Two unvaccinated people died of Delta variant just in Salisbury on July 6, 2021. 
  4. Women who get Covid who want to get pregnant or are pregnant are having Covid-related complications, as are their babies. 
  5. Women who get vaccinated who want to get pregnant or are pregnant are having no Covid-related complications. 
  6. The Covid vaccine is working so well, even against the deadly Delta variant, that the CDC says we likely will not even need a booster shot this Fall.

Thank you all!



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