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Loyal Service Award winners honored

By September 2, 2021No Comments

Lutheran Services Carolinas (LSC) is excited to announce nine Loyal Service Award winners for 2021!

Each year, LSC honors staff members who fulfill its mission by serving clients and residents in an extraordinary way. Nominated by their peers and supervisors, Loyal Service Award winners lead by example. In short, they are the heart and soul of LSC.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Sherry Dube (CNA, Trinity Elms health and rehab)

Sherry is a very hardworking and kind person. She takes new nursing assistants under her wing and helps them learn not only the job requirements but the residents’ specific preferences and ways to make their lives better. She has all her coworkers’ respect and devotion. Many residents ask for her specifically to help with special tasks or to prepare for events. She is kind and helpful to all residents and coworkers. Trinity Elms is a better place because of the care and love Sherry has shared over the years.

Gwen Hamlin (Dietary Manager, Trinity Elms)

Gwen truly leads by example. Her staff know that she believes in the LSC Way and the mission. All staff appreciate her leadership as well as her genuine kindness. During the pandemic when the dining rooms were closed, she made an extra effort to make the residents’ meals special, putting notes or pictures on every room service meal. Residents look forward to seeing what she does for each meal. She is always positive, cheerful, helpful, and affirming to her staff as well as the other departments and residents.

Susie Jackson (CNA and Medical Supply Manager, Trinity Oaks health and rehab)

The LSC Way is deeply ingrained in Susie, who is an authentic leader. Confident in her actions, she naturally leads by example. Susie, who has been at Trinity Oaks for 32 years, is always willing to serve residents in any way she can. She continues to keep her CNA and Medication Aide certifications active and is always willing to jump into either of those roles as needed. Full of life, she brings that same energy to the halls of Trinity Oaks.

Tina Miller (LPN, Trinity Oaks health and rehab)

The residents fortunate enough to be in Tina’s care love her and often describe her as family. She is a natural calming presence and develops a true bond with those she cares for. Every resident in her care is treated with the same love, respect and compassion that one would show his or her own parent. In her 24 years at Trinity Oaks, Tina has seen and been a part of many changes. She never gets overwhelmed by change, but rather embraces it, helps others adapt, and offers valuable insight on how to bridge the gap between old and new.

Sam Moua (CNA/MT/MA, Trinity Village)

Sam is very supportive to other staff because she is committed to her job and residents. She is quiet and respectful to others and leads by example. She has a great work ethic and a positive attitude and always displays a demeanor that represents LSC and its values, whether she is at work or out in the community. Sam is a giver. She gives her time and attention to both the residents and their families.

Cecilia Netko-Riley (Social Worker, Trinity Ridge)

As a department head and social worker, Cecilia has many jobs. She interacts with all staff, residents, and families. She is respected, and her opinions are valued by everyone. Professional, approachable, trustworthy, hardworking, and dependable are just a few adjectives that describe Cecilia. Her compassion for residents is phenomenal. She will stand firm when advocating for her residents and staff. Cecilia meets and exceeds all the characteristics and expectations of a loyal employee.

Ella Ramseur (Receptionist, Trinity Ridge)

Ella is a sincere employee. She is righteous in her work, trusting, and honest. She goes out of her way to help people and is liked by everyone. She is the first person you see coming through the doors of Trinity Ridge, and she shines. She is uplifting and relates well to everyone.

Sara Ramsey (Foster Care Lead Clinical Specialist & Strengthening Families Program Site Coordinator)

Within the foster care program, Sara is known for her exemplary work. She engages with foster children, foster families, and community families demonstrating both compassion and respect. She is also known for her time and workload management skills, juggling both foster care cases and deadlines along with directly supervising the Strengthening Families program and providers. It is rare to find an employee with Sara’s level of expertise, service, and quality in both client and family engagement as well as administrative and operational job duties. Sara is a natural helper and leader.

Linda Smith (CNA, Trinity Grove)

Linda has served the residents at Trinity Grove for many years as a CNA. She knows each resident that she cares for and is easily able to recite their preferences. Linda has been a mentor for many, training new CNAs and sharing her knowledge of what quality care entails. CNAs who trained with Linda say that she does a great job showing them everything they need to succeed. Linda is calm and confident. She is sincere in her approach to others, always making them feel important. She inspires others with the selfless way that she speaks. She loves helping people and being a “positive light” in their day.

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