A Call to Arms: The Covid-19 Vaccine

On December 7, 1941, the American Naval Base at Pearl Harbor was attacked, and the result was 2,403 dead U.S. servicemen and civilians. America had officially joined the war.

A call to arms went out across the land and Americans responded. Americans from all walks of life answered the call. They enlisted in the military or were drafted. They went to work in factories making bombs and other war machines. They bought War Bonds and volunteered to be lookouts along our shorelines, ever vigilant for the possibility of an enemy attack.

Every American sacrificed in some way.

Food and materials were rationed to support the war effort. Men and women were sent to far off lands to fight and about 420,000 Americans made the ultimate sacrifice, they died, defending their families, their way of life, and America.

Today, America is at war again, but this time it is on our own soil.

Our enemy this time is Covid-19 and make no mistake, it is as deadly as any enemy we have ever faced. It has crossed over our borders and wrecked devastation upon every state, city, town, and community. The Covid-19 death toll currently hovers around 630,000 Americans that have paid the ultimate price and more are dying every day.

We have made many sacrifices over the last 18 months. Many have lost jobs, suffered through food and supply shortages. Many have had to shelter in place in their homes for many months, not being able to see or visit loved ones. Many Americans have joined the battle by working on the frontlines, doing everything they can to beat back the enemy.

Now we finally have the ultimate weapon that can end the war. It is the Covid-19 vaccine.

Many Americans have stepped up, faced their fears, and have taken the shot. Many of you have not.

What is it going to take for YOU, the unvaccinated, to join the fight against Covid-19? Do YOU have the courage to make the sacrifice necessary to end the war? How many more Americans must suffer? How many more must pay the ultimate price before YOU are ready? Are YOU willing to do what is necessary to save yourselves and the people you love? Do YOU have the courage to help save us all? Do YOU have the courage to do the right thing, roll up your sleeve, and take the SHOT?

Now is the time for YOU to answer the call to arms.

David Beam, LSC Pharmacy manager