A powerful example of telling the story

Maxine Amos is pictured in the middle in green.

Unsurprisingly, Maxine Amos attended GlenFlora’s open house and dedication as LSC’s newest health care community in Lumberton, NC on April 30, 2023. She is such a friend and supporter, and came out while Robeson County was having severe thunderstorms! Ms. Maxine has been a friend and supporter, especially of our disaster work and now we have a health care community in her backyard.

My mother introduced me to Ms. Maxine long ago. They were and are long time friends and worked closely through the women of the Lutheran church.

I am reminded of the song, I Love To Tell The Story. They told the story of Jesus through the Lutheran women, and lived out the story. Speaking of telling the story, I never tire of hearing the story of Ms. Maxine as a teacher.

She finished college and went to work as a teacher in Morganton, I think as the only person of color on the faculty. The Morganton schools desegregated in 1965. She coached basketball and took their first integrated team to win the state championship!

Ms. Maxine has told the story and lived the story through her faithful life. She has lived the history of Jim Crow and systemic racism, and fought it successfully. We are not there yet, and she is a powerful example to all of us to keep telling the story and keep fighting for justice!