Private Adoption Program

For more information about LSC’s new private adoption program, check out the website below. Here, birth parents and prospective adoptive parents can find the information they need.
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Adopt-From-Foster-Care Program (i.e. SNAP)

Thousands of children share a simple dream to have a family of their own. Lutheran Services Carolinas enables many children to live that dream. LSC’s adopt-from-foster-care program (sometimes called SNAP) helps identify loving adoptive families for children in the foster care system.

Prospective Adoption Candidates:

  • Must be at least 25 years of age
  • May be working or stay-at-home parents
  • May be married or single – married couples must have been together at least two years
  • Can rent or own their home
  • Must be financially stable
  • Must be able to provide a healthy, loving and nurturing home for a child.
Adoption Inquiry

LSC's role in the process:

  • Providing information about the realities and benefits of adoption.
  • Providing parent preparation training for prospective adoptive families
  • Completing pre-placement assessments (home studies) to prepare families to welcome an adoptive child or children into their homes.
  • Identifying the best possible fit between families and children to decrease the chance of future separation.
  • Acting as liaison between the family and placing agency.
  • Offering post-placement supervision to support and guide families.
  • Providing adoption finalization services to assist adoptive families in achieving permanency with their adoptive child or children.
  • Providing post-adoption support and referral to additional services in the community.

For more information on the adopt-from-foster-care program:

Call an LSC case manager at



or call 1-800-HELPING