Behind every dollar spent is a story of love, compassion, and commitment

It’s helpful to look at where we’ve been and where we are to consider where we are going. I recently wrote about the growth in our budget, thus in our ministry. That caused us to go back and research where we’ve come from.

Our most recent independent audit indicated Lutheran Services Carolinas has $421 million in total assets, including $227 million in physical property. In the first audit on record, 1969, we had $681.000 in total assets, all property. That is quite the growth! Revenue has grown from $118,000 to $190 million!

The first recorded room rate for skilled nursing was $5.75 a day. Today that range is between $288 to $439 per day! Of course, over 60 years have transpired, and our quaint little rest home is now a complex health care community.

It costs a great deal to operate LSC, especially because of the 24/7 nature of much of our ministry. In the most recent year, LSC spent $103 million just for teammate salaries and benefits! We bought over $4.7 million in food, and our power bills totaled over $1.7 million. It costs a lot to keep the lights on!

The dollars don’t matter to me, except as an indicator of how much ministry LSC provides across the Carolinas. Behind every dollar spent lies a story of love, compassion, and unwavering commitment to our mission. From foster children to refugees to seniors, LSC’s ministry continues to serve where the need is greatest. LSC is big business to provide big ministry.