Behold His Mighty Hand

“Behold His mighty hand!” is the powerful quote from Charlton Heston as Moses parting the Red Sea in The Ten Commandments. Similar words appear often in the Bible.

Behold His mighty hand! is a fitting statement to describe a news story of August 23, 2023.  The federal government has announced $24 million in funding to Emory University to develop mRNA to cut cancer deaths by half.

mRNA, Messenger RNA, is the molecular technology platform that saved millions around the world from Covid death. Contrary to the people trying to scare us to death, we didn’t die from the Covid vaccine, and the government is not tracking us. They have our cell phones for that; that’s a joke, I think.

Now that mRNA technology has been overwhelmingly proven, scientists are studying how to use this technology that saved the world from Covid to fight cancer and other diseases. Behold His mighty hand!