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LSC is always in need of qualified applicants for a wide range of job opportunities.

Spotlight on Host Homes (Alternative Family Living)

LSC is currently recruiting individuals or couples to serve clients in our Alternative Family Living (AFL) program. The AFL program offers host homes that welcome adults with disabilities. An adult would live in your home, which would give them a welcoming, family-based environment. We are looking for caring, qualified families across North Carolina who would be willing to open up their homes to provide support and encouragement to those who need it.

Host home caregivers are trained and supported by LSC staff to provide care in their homes. They are expected to encourage the individual needing care to be involved in the everyday activities of the family and community life while providing training in daily living, social, and vocational skills.

LSC staff provide training to the host home families and 24/7 on-call support so that professional guidance is available when it’s needed. Host homes receive compensation for these supports.

Applicants must complete an application , interview, background check, on-site review of their home, and training in order to become a host home family.

Host Home Inquiry Form