God is Good!

God is good!

I am thankful that God gave us the scientists with the brains to develop the vaccine that has saved us from the worldwide Covid pandemic!

I am thankful for our 1,800 LSC teammates who fought and fight on the front lines and behind the scenes to serve and protect our residents and clients.

I am thankful for the 91% of teammates who have taken the vaccine to protect our residents/clients and themselves and their families.

I am thankful for the 9% who received medical or religious exemptions and continue to serve.

I mourn the residents and one teammate along with the one million Americans who have died from Covid, and millions more infected.

I mourn that Covid was politicized causing mistrust and as many as one third of the deaths to be preventable.

I am thankful that most of society has gotten past the politicization and that the large percentage of vaccinated Americans are helping protect all Americans.

Our Vision and Mission Statements continue to lead, guide, and direct us teammates. Thanks be to God for leading us through “the valley of the shadow of death” of this pandemic and our other trials.

And thanks be to God for each and every LSC teammate who makes this ministry work for the thousands of lives we touch.