Growing The LSC Way

In reflecting on the last year and a half of living through the Covid pandemic and the worst workforce shortage in American history, I got mad that who is really suffering is the people we care for. It’s The LSC Way that has suffered.

We in LSC are falling victim to the same polarization that has tarnished our politics, our religion, and our relationships. We used to be able to disagree and still be friends, but today everyone has their own set of facts and if you disagree you are the enemy.

Covid vaccinations are today’s prime example.

I remember as a kid standing in line at St. Stephen’s Elementary School to receive my polio and other vaccines. That sugar cube tasted great, give me another! Every child in America took the vaccines, no questions asked. Now, many don’t trust science, don’t trust the government, and don’t trust each other.

So, how do we continue to build trust, care for our residents/clients, and work together The LSC Way?

The answer remains as it always has been: focus on our Vision, Mission, and Values. Every other disagreement needs to be swept off the table. Our Vision, Mission, and Values is what sets us apart.  I don’t know a single health and human services organization with a culture as strong as ours. But that is not good enough; we have to make it ever better in this harder world.

We can set aside our differences to focus on the people we love, our residents and clients.

We have started asking what we can do to strengthen our strong culture, and to bring our new teammates into our family. If you have suggestions on how to overcome our society’s polarization, please share them with your supervisor and/or me.

It takes us all to grow The LSC Way!