Help LSC advocate for our most vulnerable

Lutheran Services Carolinas (LSC) serves where the need is greatest, providing 24-7-365 love and care to our parents and grandparents, our sisters with intellectual or developmental disabilities, our brothers with traumatic brain injuries, and so many others throughout the Carolinas. Due to the direct care workforce emergency in the Carolinas and across the country, 24-7-365 services have suffered greatly. There are simply not enough people to do the work.

Helping alleviate the workforce emergency is where we need your help today. We are asking that the entire LSC family contact your state and federal elected officials, expressing your strong opinions on the need to adequately care for the Carolina’s most vulnerable citizens.

We have identified specific asks of our elected leaders. These are a combination of state and federal actions, which include:

  • Providing adequate Medicaid and other government reimbursements to allow 24-7-365 providers to pay their direct care workers a competitive wage and offer competitive benefits to attract the best talent to care for our elders and clients.
  • Implementing an emergency foreign guest worker program for direct care workers in nursing homes, assisted living, and group homes.

Please help LSC by sharing your voice and your personal story with all of your elected officials. Here’s a listing of our state and federal political leaders:

Below you will also find two fact sheets relating directly to nursing homes that give an accurate picture of the plight of our residents.

Thank you for your advocacy. Only by standing up and standing firm can we make a difference for all residents and clients in the Carolinas.

Yours in Christ,

Ted W. Goins, Jr.