LSC announces Loyal Service Award winners for 2023

Lutheran Services Carolinas (LSC) is excited to announce seven Loyal Service Award winners for 2023!

Each year, LSC honors teammates who fulfill its mission by serving clients and residents in an extraordinary way. Nominated by their peers and supervisors, Loyal Service Award winners lead by example. In short, they are the heart and soul of LSC.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Rosemary Cantero, CNA, Aston Park

Cantero has been a teammate at Aston Park for 23 years. Her peers say she demonstrates great leadership skills by mentoring new teammates to help ensure they know the proper techniques and understand the residents’ needs. She makes sure the new teammates feel welcome and part of the team.

Residents view Cantero as a compassionate caregiver who pays attention to details and meets their needs in a professional manner. Teammates see her as a leader who can help them during orientation and beyond.

She is involved in the Micronesian community in the area and works with them as they move into the area to acclimate them to the United States while maintaining valuable Micronesian culture in their community. She has also arranged dance groups and made Micronesian food for other teammates and residents to improve relationships and understanding of their culture.

Rebecca Ledesma, Restorative Aide, Trinity Village

During her 19 years of service to Trinity Village, Ledesma has shown leadership by being a great trainer to the community’s resident care assistants, teaching them job duties and requirements. She always promotes a positive atmosphere and working environment by being an active member of the Employee Engagement Committee and being a go-to person for her teammates when they need assistance.

Ledesma enjoys making a difference in residents’ health and quality of life. She is very involved and engaged in her job and takes pride in making the building a positive, compassionate, and happy environment. Her actions, smile, and body language, along with her enthusiastic attitude display a labor of love for those she encounters and serves each day.

Maranda King, Social Worker, Trinity Ridge

King has had many titles during her 19 years at Trinity Ridge including CNA, CNA II, LPN, and physician liaison. She is currently working to get her RN License.

She is respected by everyone and demonstrated every one of LSC’s core values. When questions arise, everyone knows King will have the answer. Teammates say she is always willing to go the extra mile, and when she is present, you can feel the joy and positivity in the air.

King says she sees her residents as her family and loves to see them smile every day when she comes to work. This is not just a job to her, but a blessing to know she has touched someone’s heart and made a difference in their day.

Esonia Merriman, Nursing Assistant, Trinity Place

Merriman has demonstrated leadership every day in her 9 years at Trinity Place by providing excellent care to residents. She is quiet, but a very strong leader because her approach to it is leading by example.

She is a strong mentor for onboarding new teammates and a wonderful role model to have. Residents view her as a steadfast, dedicated, and compassionate caregiver. She connects to people easily with her warm, easy-going demeanor. And she has a servant’s heart and is always willing to assist others.

Patty Messick, Program Director, Trinity Living Center

A key component of Messick’s job as program coordinator is to be the leader when the director is not on site. She has done an excellent job ensuring that the center runs efficiently, and the team has everything that participants need to have a great day during her 9 years of service.

Messick’s passion for TLC is demonstrated by her desire to always go above and beyond. She is always willing to come in early, stay late, or help in any way that will make things run smoothly. She is dedicated and dependable.

Messick gets pride and satisfaction from helping others shine. She will often say she is happiest when teammates have everything they need. She also has a passion for providing clients with an abundant life while they are at the center. She says it gives her life meaning and purpose.

Kathy Serio, Director of Administrative Services, Child & Family Services

Serio has been a dedicated teammate to LSC for 16 years. Throughout her tenure, she has worn multiple hats with her role evolving and encompassing more and more responsibility over time. She leads by example and holds herself to the highest standard of excellence in performing her duties.

Her experience working with so many different programs has given Serio a unique perspective and ability to relate to teammates at every level. She gives her all in each task and encourages others to strive for excellence as well. Her teammates call her the Energizer Bunny because she keeps everything going. She never backs down from a challenge or the opportunity to solve a problem.

Elaine Story, Admissions Coordinator, Trinity Place

In her 23 years with Trinity Place, Story has demonstrated leadership by her commitment and dedication. She initially began as a 4-H volunteer and then began her career at the senior living community while she was in high school. She left for a brief period but returned in the 1990s.

Story empowers others so they have the confidence to become leaders in their roles. She has respect and appreciation for all departments and is great at communication and collaboration. She is a constant role model at Trinity Place and takes great pride in the LSC vision and core values.

Residents view Story as a supportive resource willing to go that extra mile to make sure they are comfortable and happy. She creates a warm, hospitable environment with a welcoming smile and her love for Trinity Place is felt by all.