LSC statement on COVID-19 situation

Lutheran Services Carolinas has been monitoring the COVID-19 situation since it became public and is working with the health department, CDC, and our state and national associations to be as prepared as possible. As experienced providers of senior services, especially in skilled care settings, LSC is aware that COVID-19 can be particularly devastating to the elderly.

Our nursing homes around the state are taking measures to prevent the virus from entering. These measures include limiting and restricting visitors, postponing community outings with residents, and working to prevent entrance into the facility of staff who exhibit any possible COVID-19 symptoms or who have prior exposure.

As recommended by the American Health Care Association, LSC is putting into place measures for hand hygiene at entrances, remote communication for residents, and screening of visitors and staff members. LSC is also encouraging strict observance of our standard infectious control procedures, especially frequent and careful hand washing.

LSC encourages all citizens to wash their hands as if their lives depended on it. Diligent hand washing is still the most effective preventive measure every one of us can take.