Frequently Asked


What are the costs for private domestic adoption?

The total costs of private domestic adoptions typically range from $7,000-$40,000. The cost varies on a case-by-case basis due to the specific circumstance of each adoption. LSC has a schedule for specific fees of the services we provide.

Are there resources to assist with the costs of private domestic adoptions?

We understand that prospective adoptive parents may be concerned about the financial costs of adopting a child. Some may even fear they will not qualify due to their finances. There are resources to assist families through the adoption process without placing unmanageable strain on their finances Some of the financial resources include, but may not be limited to, tax credits, adoption grants, adoption loans, military reimbursements, employer benefits, and home equity or mortgage refinancing.

Are many applications denied?

It is quite rare for a family to not be approved. Prospective adoptive families are not expected to be perfect, live in a fancy house or be wealthy. We understand that families are real people and the stories of their lives are multifaceted, with successes and challenges. The most important quality of all families seeking to adopt is their motivation to provide a loving, stable, and nurturing forever home to a child. Of course the state has put safeguards in place for the protection of children, and this is the purpose of your adoption home study.