Trinity Landing: Building a community around wellness

Although Trinity Landing isn’t a bricks and mortar reality yet, it’s already a community, with future residents bonding in anticipation of being neighbors once construction is complete. Much of that bonding is happening through the Founders Club Fitness program led by Nate Futrell.

As Trinity Landing’s future Director of Health and Wellness Services, Nate is in charge of Trinity Landing’s fitness and wellness initiatives.

During his time at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Nate originally intended to pursue sports medicine for athletes. However, his internship at Wilmington Hospital’s cardiac rehab wing sparked his passion for helping seniors. From there, Nate embarked on his career in the senior living industry by helping to develop communities’ wellness centers in the region, as well as serving as wellness director and consultant for several communities.

Nate is already working with future Trinity Landing residents – Founders Club members – on their wellness goals by leading them in exercise sessions at Trinity Landing’s Welcome Center, which has been outfitted with fitness equipment including rowing machines and free weights. Nate also leads the community in outdoor activities such as power walks. Each Wednesday, a video workout of the week is posted on Trinity Landing’s health and wellness Facebook page – which already has more than 1,500 followers!

Trinity Landing has also forged a partnership with the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. Christina Pierle is Trinity Landing’s first UNCW intern. Christina, who is pursuing a master’s degree in applied gerontology and exercise science, has joined Nate in leading exercise classes.

Zan and Jerry Bramley are among a faithful cadre of fitness enthusiasts who frequent Nate’s sessions. Longtime LSC supporters Zan and Jerry have the distinction of being the first couple to put down a 10 percent deposit for their spot at Trinity Landing.

“I wanted to get involved with it because I like to stay physically fit and it was there for me. It’s a free service and it also allows my wife and me to get familiar with a lot of the other people who are going to be going to Trinity Landing at the same time,” Jerry said. “It will give us a social edge. We have fun because it is a very close social group.”

Although he has always been interested in fitness, Jerry said attending the workout sessions has taught him how to use his own body weight to do the same exercises at home.

The group has been doing circuit training, rotating through stations to do cardio and muscle-strengthening exercises.

“A lot of stations they have allow you to use your own body weight. I worked out in the gym my whole life but getting to and from the gym is a little more difficult now. It has taught me to use my body weight to get these exercises done at home. The fitness plan, even though I’ve always been an exerciser, has brought my fitness level up a huge additional degree,” Jerry said. “For the first time in 45 years, I have not had to pay for a membership to a gym.”

The program has also convinced Zan that working out in a gym can be fun and beneficial. She was always a runner, but said when her husband asked her to go to the gym with him in the past, she always turned him down.

“I’m such a cheerleader for this wonderful program. It’s unbelievable,” Zan said. “Nate has made a believer out of me. I love it so much that I do it daily. At the sink I do my push-ups every day and I brush my teeth on one foot for balance. I love it.”

One of the highlights of Trinity Landing’s wellness center will be a 60-foot by 30-foot saltwater pool for lap swimming and water aerobics.

Once Trinity Landing is complete, Nate will lead a team of fitness professionals who will teach classes and also provide one-on-one wellness support such as fitness testing, wellness assessments, program consultation and more.

The community plans to offer a wide array of daily programming from aquatic exercised, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, Tai chi, pickeball, yoga, Pilates, kayaking trips, Zumba and more.

“I think it’s going to be luxury living for the elderly,” Jerry said.

If you would like to learn more about Trinity Landing, call 910-232-8426 or like Trinity Landing Health & Fitness on Facebook.